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Granny's Sublimation Blanks RTS

Book Spiral Notebooks, Sublimation Front and Back Cover Sheet

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Customizable Spiral Notebooks, featuring both front and back sublimation covers. Design yours to reflect your individual style and interests.


Large 8"x11", Med  5.5""x8.5" and, Small 4"x5.5" sizes available. 

Manufacture recommends subbing 360F for 60 sec med pressure. 

Heat presses can vary in temps from 5-20F we highly recommend knowing your press and subbing at time and temps that you get best results with your equipment for sublimation carboard covers. We do recommend staying away from temps higher than 375. The materials being subbed are more sensitive than fabrics and PU leather items. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I’ve bought them multiple times. Great product


It took a few tries to assemble to the spiral in the notebook (pressing it down with my fingers manually hurt when I did it wrong), but once you get it you are good to go! It sublimates nicely at 365 degrees for 40 seconds or so.

Thank you for sharing your finished product , it looks great. We will throw together a brief tutorial of how to assemble these as they can be a little cumbersome, especially the first one. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Billie jo Young

I was hoping the piece came separate. I found another small business I may try but the item is nice.

latoya Palacious
5 star

I love it. Good quality,