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Granny's Sublimation Blanks RTS

Slate Photo Rock Heart Shaped

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Sublimation heart shaped photo slate to display those special moments and people you hold close to your heart. small measure 5.75"x5.75" 3/8" thick and the large measure 7.5"x7.5" by 3/8" thick These are real slate rock from the earth designed, cut and coated for sublimation. 

      Times and temps will vary from machine to machine and different techniques. sublimate at your own discretion.

We offer a free "photo slate summary."  under product search type in "photo slate summary" and you will get a free download of recommended directions to get you started.


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Customer Reviews

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Awesome product


Love love love it! Sublimates great and no signs of streaks!

I finally did it

I ordered one of these heart-shaped slate rock pieces several months ago and just got brave enough to give it a try yesterday. I had a hard time figuring out what to put on it but it all came together pretty nicely. I have to say that these are absolutely beautiful and work amazingly well if you know what you’re doing lol. I first tried it at 400° for 60 seconds, Which only gave me a very faint image. I was very disappointed and just walked away from it. I thought about it overnight so today I went and printed another one lined it up as best I could with the other image that was on there and press it again at a total of 4.5 minutes. I checked every 60 seconds to see how it was working and after that length of time it turned out rather nice. I would say that you will need to test your own heat press to find out how long you need to press it for, but they do press beautifully and I would recommend them and also I will be buying more. I wish there was a way to add a picture because I think it would be very helpful.

We are very happy that you are satisfied with your results. We do have a photo tutorial, try this link , Or If you are on our website look at the top bar on the intro page and click on time and temp. here there is a free download you can review. This download is for heating the back of the slate for a longer period vs heating the face. This is how we like to do it but you can heat the face and get good results as well (different time and temps) You are correct that results can vary from different machines, but this setting is a tad on the low side if anything to help prevent burning of image. If you ever have any doubts or questions about any of our products, please reach out. We love helping out where we can. Thank you for your positive review and hope to hear from you soon ;)

Rhonda Cox
Beautiful item

Although I have not sublimated on this item yet, I have to say that it is absolutely beautiful and high-quality. I am still trying to figure out what I want to put on it and how I want to advertise it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase them now.

Thank you for your kind review. If it was not for customers like yourself, we could not do what we do. We appreciate you and are glad you are a part of Granny's Sublimation family

Heart slate

I love the slate just wish the heart was able to be upright instead of leaning towards the side.. I'd def buy again

Our slates are a hot item and look great after subbing. I am guessing you purchased the heart slates, unfortunately leaning them is the most stable option, the large ones are able to stand vertically but are not as stable due to the angles of the slate. If there was an upgraded version, we would carry it, but this is how they come from the factory. Thank you for your input as we will mention this to our vendors to see if there is a remedy for this issue. Thanks again