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Granny's Sublimation Blanks RTS

Patches, Sublimation Heat Press Fabric/Hat Patch

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These neat patches are called hat patches but can be used on most fabrics. they give a tattered edge fringe appearance and since they were designed for sublimation they display your art work and logos wonderfully. Great for a rugged tough look 

Sublimation area (without fringe) 

Round 2.75"

Square 2.25x2.25"

Oval 2.25x3.75"

Rectangle 2.25x3.5"


On hats and awkward surfaces first sublimate the patch and then after wards apply the patch with its adhesive glue strip to desired location and apply heat with a common iron in a subtle ironing motion to activate the bonding strip. 

On flat surface you can apply in same manor as above or sublimate and adhere all in one process. 


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